EVERYONE gets Naughty

Have you looked at everyday people on the street and imagined what they'd be like behind closed doors? I have. I love the shock factor of someone who looks innocent or proper only to find out or fantasize that they are very naughty. This series of photos is dedicated to this notion that everybody gets naughty behind closed doors. To illustrate this, they are presented in a before and after fashion. This way you can see what they'd look like if you saw them on the street, then get to peek into what they look like in their private lives. I think you'll enjoy them.

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Russians getting wet

I don't know if wet t-shirts were to be seen before the fall of communism, but these young girls do just as good as any others. Very lovely!


A BIG favorite of my viewers

Reading my poll results about your favorite naughty bits, I learned there are alot of breast people out there. It can be argued that Boobies really won the poll since I had separated nipples and breasts. Together, they received the most votes. Since boobies had a large number of votes, here are a large pair of boobies!


I'll be back soon!

I'm having some computer problems and should be resuming my blog next week. See ya then!


FYI - still here, kinda

In case I have regular viewers to this blog, I wanted to let you know I am still updating, just not right now. I've been pretty busy lately and have not had the time to spend on my blogs. I should be updating again soon. Thanks for reading! :)


V is for....

There's a few V words that come to mind. Voyeur, voluptuous, vibrant. But when a young lady creates the letter V with her beautiful legs, I can't help but to think: Vagina.


Naughty and still legal

If you're proud of what you have, want to share it but don't want to be arrested for indecency? Sheer clothing is the answer. I encourage anyone with beautiful assets to do as these wonderful women did (intentional or unintentional). Here are more see-through shots from the net. Enjoy.


Warm, soft, and delightful

Here they are again, some girls with some of my favorite naughty bits: Full lips. These beauties have larger than normal labia that I think is beautiful and fun ;) I hope you enjoy as well.